Attack of the Wild Geese

Last week I had to find a Canada Geese control company. There were a lot of Canadian Geese roaming around in my neighborhood. They all just appeared out of nowhere, and they were not friendly to anything they came across. People weren’t safe, and neither were their pets. While I was out walking my dog one day, one of the geese flew right past me and hit me on the head. It was a quick tap but it felt bad. The same geese then landed on the ground and started attacking my dog. The dog barked at the geese and tried to bite it, but the geese was too quick and was just running around it, taking quick hits.

The attack on my dog was the final straw. I could take the geese attacking me, but once they come after my dog, there’s no other choice but to get them out of the neighborhood. A looked online for any company that would be able to handle the geese problem, and found just the right company. They told me that they would be able to come by quickly to round up any geese they could find in the neighborhood.

It was a hard job, but the control company captured a lot of geese. For now, the nightmare of the Canadian Geese hoard is over. There may be some more when the temperature changes, but I have no idea how many will come. I just hope that they don’t come near my dog. My dog is still a little shaken up about the whole situation. The other day I was watching television with my dog beside me, and there was footage of a geese walking on some grass. The dog ran out of the room and curled up in his bed with a paw over his face.