How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor

Managing your healthcare starts with picking a primary care physician that will take care of you. This is a person that you ask about everything health-related. You sign up for wellness check-ups, regular screenings, non-emergency issues, and you ask pretty much about everything that is on your mind. So it is important to find the best possible pediatrician that can be trusted. By the way, developing trust between patient and doctor is very important, since it creates a safe place to discuss health-issues and be open about them.

It is not easy to find a primary care doctor but if definitely worth it! Some people stay with their primary care doctor for years, decades, or even for life. However, others might be in constant search while changing doctors. CloudHospital can help you to find the primary care doctor you’ve been searching for!

Tips to Find the Right Doctor for You

There are many types of doctors to choose from so you need to narrow down your search. Finding the right one is challenging, especially if you are new in the community or you’ve changed your lifestyle. 

The first thing you should do is to ask your coworkers, neighbors, friends, or relatives for advice. Most likely they have a primary care doctor that provides services. And this specialist might be suitable for you as well. 

If you have insurance then your company might provide you with a specialist. Or they give you the opportunity to choose your own doctor depending only on the budget of your insurance. To make sure you do the right thing, check your insurance terms, and follow the advice. 

Find out what type of doctor you need. If your health is in a good state, you should pick a primary care doctor to do check-ups, ask questions, discuss your health state, and visit the hospital in case of flu or any other seasonal disease. 

You always can check a doctor via the licensing agency on a website that is run by administration. And you can also check the reviews on the internet!

What Factors Are Most Important When Choosing a Doctor?

There are many factors that influence your pick but you need to make sure that the doctor is reliable and can be trusted. So, at first, make sure your insurance covers your primary care doctor services. Call the clinic where the doctor works and ask if that specific specialist accepts your specific insurance plan. The main idea here is to state each question specifically so there won’t be misunderstandings.

Then make sure that the doctor accepts new patients and has a spot for you. 

Also, make sure, that the doctor can take care of you and your working hours don’t go over each other. In this case, you won’t be able to get to your doctor often if you work the same hours as your specialist. Ask a clinic’s administrator all those questions before booking an appointment. For example, ask how long is the primary appointment goes, how long does it take to get such appointment, how long will you have to wait for this appointment in a waiting room, what are the doctor’s working hours. 

Note where the clinic is located. If it’s way too far from your home or office, consider choosing another clinic and doctor. You will spend lots of time getting to the appointment and you’ll end up skipping some of them. The main idea here is to make your check-ups as easy as possible, so it won’t bring any stress or inconvenience in your life. 

Ask for reviews and read about the clinic and doctor on the internet. Also, you will likely see the reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews. Of course, some of those can be misleading and untrue, so keep your mind sharp and search for the best doctor. 

What Type of Doctor Is Best for You?

You’ve probably heard about five types of primary care doctors. As you might suggest, each of them has the main specialization and focus, so you might need to think about which one to pick!

Family doctors

Such specialists care about the whole family, including children and even babies. Doctors know the family health history, thus they can provide you with important knowledge on possible issues that might occur in your life or the life of your family members. 


Pediatricians specialize in helping children and babies until early adulthood. They know how to deal with complex health conditions as well as with minor injuries.


Internists care for people since their early adulthood until their old age. They also deal great with elderly people diseases, like high blood pressure and diabetes type 2.

Internal medicine-pediatric doctors 

These doctors can care for people of any age and provide them with primary care.

Obstetrics and gynecology

These doctors specialize in women’s health. They provide with regular screenings and overall health routine. They also help with picking birth controls and help women to go through pregnancy and menopause. 

You can always find the best primary care doctor that will suit you and help you in any case. If you don’t know where to start, CloudHospital might help you!